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forgottenx's Journal

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You're sweet just like the sun
but what happens when thesundoesn't stay?
The nights remind me of when went away.

I claimed brazenfaced at the claim_a_ljuser community! <333

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<font color=skyblue><i>You're</i> sweet just <s>like</s> the <font color=yellow><b>sun</b>
<font color=hotpink>but what <i>happens</i> when the<font color=yellow>sun<font color=forestgreen>doesn't <b>stay?
</b><font color=blueviolet>The <font color=black>nights<font color=orange> remind me of when went <font color=dodgerblue><b>away</b>.

<font color=orange>I claimed <lj user="_lovable_"> at the <lj comm="claim_a_ljuser"> community! <333

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::About Me::

I am Lauren. I am fourteen and live in South Carolina. I am a clutzy blond that cannot cook, except Gordida crunches like at Taco Bell. <font color=black>I am addicted to GC, AAR, and Silverchair. Billy & Tyson are so cute...but Daniel Johns is a different story. I wanna marry him. <font color=red>I love the mall and like to just chill with my guy friends. Seems like I don't have all that many girl<b>friends</b> that I hang out w/ a lot. Oh well. <font color=black>Oh yea...and I'm a homeschooled pastor's daughter that isn't allowed to do anything...yea, so that's me.

<font color=rainbow>OH YEA, FRIENDS ONLY</TABLE>

<img src="http://www.boomspeed.com/rennyy/banner1.gif">
Here is me and Lexy! Us Charles bitches are sexy!
<img src="http://www.boomspeed.com/rennyy/banner2.gif">

!!!!!!!!!I HATE AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!!!!!! Correction: I'm her future murderer!

<font color=hotpink><b>
<img src="http://www.musicsites.com/silverchair/multimedia/pictures/non_live/group/alley2.jpg">
I'll be a pervert for ONE second, okay? Look next to Danny's [blond dude's] head. What do you see written on the wall? Hmmm, was that just a coincidence?

<img src="http://www.chairpage.com/photos/nonlive/group/freakshow/bandnew64.jpg">
Hehehe, I <3 this picture.

<img src="http://gccirclepitt.com/main_graphics/sit.jpg">
GC are <u>still</u> my #1 boys!